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Airflow Race Hire

Indoor interactive team game hire. Airflow Race table game

Our Airflow Race is a great activity that can be played by either one player against another, team against team working together, or by a team of individuals in a relay style.

Along each side of the table is a row of eight flexible cones all producing a continuous flow of air. A ball is placed in the airflow from the first cone on each side so that it hovers in the air and its then a race to move the ball down the table with the player/s carefully moving the ball from cone to cone until it reaches the finish at the far air. If the balls comes out of the airflow it will fall and you have to start again!

The Airflow Race is suitable for use by people of all ages from age 6 to adult and can be played indoors or outside.

This activity is ideal for team building and corporate fun.

Great fun to watch and always very competitive.

Airflow Race Hire Details

You'll need a level area of just 12ft long x 7ft wide overall - this includes room for participants to stand either side of inflatable.

The Airflow Race will require a 240v mains electric supply within 50metres. However, if this isn't available we can supply a generator or petrol engined blower for a small additional cost.

The game is available for hire either with or without a member of staff

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