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Selfie Pod and Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth Hire

Here at Lichfield Inflatables and Entertainments we offer both the Selfie Pod and Magic Mirror type photo booths.

Sit down type photo booths quickly became the must have item for your wedding reception, party, ball or prom night but have now been overtaken in popularity by selfie pods and magic mirrors that can be operated in a more Covid safe manner. Whether you choose a pod, or mirror it provides an fun way to capture the memories at your event for both you the event host and your guests.

Both the Selfie Pod and Magic Mirror come with a friendly attendant to help your guests get the very results in their photos. They will also manage guestbooks for you, make sure the fun props are kept tidy, and change the printer media in the unlikely event it needs replacing.

Magic Selfie Mirror

Magic Selfie Mirror hire for your Party, Reception, or Ball in the Midlands

Users simply stand in front of the mirror, choose their props, strike a pose, and it takes photos through the mirror. While doing so the mirror will talk to, joke, and tease the users before it issues their print. There's a choice of three different mirror characters including an Austin Powers type mode.

Selfie Pod

Selfie Pod photo booth hire for your Party, Reception, or Ball

Like the Magic Mirror the Selfie Pod is an open air type booth and this is the cheapest and most popular type of booth we offer with the benefit of being able to fit more people into the photos than the mirror.

To obtain a quote for the hire of a Magic Mirror, or Selfie Pod for your event please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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