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Rodeo Bull Ride Hire

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Rodeo Bull hire with a FREE inflatable marquee outdoor events.

Hire our Rodeo Bull for an ideal centre piece amusement for any event as it entertains those watching almost as much as the person riding the Rodeo Bull.

Our trained ride operator will control the speed of the Rodeo Bull, starting slowly and increasing the speed of the Rodeo Bull as time progresses and the rider gains confidence. The Rodeo Bull is surrounded by an inflatable mattress for a safe and soft landing when the inevitable fall from the Bull happens. Our Rodeo Bull is fully computerised and every ride is automatically timed with the ride duration shown on a large LCD for all those watching to see. The Rodeo Bull operator will keep track of the best ride times throughout the hire period and we provide a free trophy for the best time of the event.

The Rodeo Bull can be used indoors or outdoors. If hiring the Rodeo Bull for an outdoor event an inflatable marquee is provided free of charge to protect it from any rain.

Rodeo Bull Space Requirements

The Rodeo Bull requires an operating area of 17ft x 17ft together with a height clearance of 9ft for indoor events. If using the inflatable marquee then you'll need an increased area of 23x23ft. Any doorways, passages, etc that the equipment has to pass through needs to be a minimum of 33inches wide. If your venue is indoors and not on the ground floor lift access would be required.

Rodeo Bull Liability Insurance, Safety, and Age Restrictions

Our Rodeo Bull hire is covered by liability insurance with an indemnity limit of 5million. A detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement are available if required. Our Rodeo Ride is safety tested by the manufacturer on an annual basis and certified accordingly - this is something every responsible hirer should have done each year to comply with their HSE obligations.

The minimum rider age for the standard Rodeo Ride is 10 years - this is the same with ALL liability insurers irrespective of what some unscrupulous hirers may try to tell you! If your event is aimed at riders under 10 years of age please have a look at our Junior Rodeo Ride which is a rodeo ride specifically designed for younger riders and insured accordingly. If you need a Rodeo Ride that caters for children and adults alike see our new All Inflatable Rodeo Ride.

In addition to the free weather shelter we also provide free floodlighting for all evening time Rodeo Bull events.

An amusing alternative to the Rodeo Bull is the Bucking Sheep! This ride always has people laughing as soon as they see it! You have to ask if its a good thing or an embarrassing thing that you can ride a Sheep longer than anyyone else? Hire this ride on its own or we can bring along the Sheep attachment to any Rodeo Bull booking (at additional cost) and swap the attachments around as required.

Wild West Theme Events

If holding a Wild West themed event also have a look at our Quick Draw, Archery, and Shooting Range games.

The areas we cover for Rodeo Bull Hire

The Rodeo Bull and/or Sheep are available for hire at competitive rates across the West Midlands, East Midlands, and Central area of the UK.

The usual areas we offer Rodeo Bull hire:
West Midlands, East Midlands, Staffordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, South Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Worchestershire, Mid Wales, and North Wales. All other areas also considered - just ask!

Hire the Rodeo Bull or Rodeo Sheep and we will allow a discount on any other piece of equipment hired at the same time!

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